Enhancing Parent Engagement with NIDCAP: Creating Collaborations with Parent-led Organizations

A 30 minute presentation by Keira Sorrells, Founder & Executive Director, NICU Parent Network, followed by a 30 minute Question & Answer session moderated by Bonni Moyer, MSPT, NIDCAP Trainer.

NIDCAP supports development, enhances strengths, and minimizes stress for infants, family, and staff who care for them. Parent Support Organizations play a critical role in family-centered developmental care and can often act as a liaison to enhance partnerships between NICU families and clinicians. Ms. Sorrells discusses the various types of parent organizations, the importance of peer-to-peer support in supporting parental mental health, and how intensive care units can begin to partner with parent organizations in meaningful ways.

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants should be able to:
1. Identify different types of parent organizations
2. Describe the importance of peer-to-peer support in parental mental health
3. Reflect on opportunities to partner with parent organizations

Keira Sorrells, Founder & Executive Director, NICU Parent Network (NPN), has been leading the movement to elevate the NICU Parent Leader as professional in maternal infant health. After giving birth to triplets at just 25 weeks 5 days gestation and losing one of her daughters at 14 months old, Keira was propelled into maternal infant health out of an unshakeable desire to ensure no parent experiences the trauma of preterm birth or loss alone. Together, with a dedicated team of NICU Parent Leaders, Keira has grown the NPN to be the premier professional organization for NICU Parent Leaders who collectively represent the needs and best interests of NICU families. Over the last decade, NPN has become a sought -after resource and collaborative partner for providers, researchers, industry and other stakeholders in this niche of healthcare.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) forRNs provided by Therapeutic Media – 1 contact hour