Preterm Children Growing Up: Thinking and Learning

A 40 minute presentation by Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD, followed by a 20 minute Question & Answer session moderated by Gloria McAnulty, PhD.

Children born prematurely may experience learning and education differently than their term born peers. This webinar will explore how the child’s differential regulatory capacities and the structure of the educational system influences the schooling experience in childhood.

This introductory level educational activity will be of interest to psychologist/mental health, physician, nursing and therapy staff working in Newborn Intensive Care Units and Pediatric settings, professionals working in early intervention systems and psychologists, social workers, therapy staff and teachers in school settings as well as families of children born prematurely.

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants should be able to:
1. Explain the fundamental role of regulatory capacities in human behavior
2. Distinguish between learning – to -learn skills and acquiring knowledge and procedures
3. List the implications of the difference between education and schooling
4. Describe the experience of the preterm child growing up and of parents/educators in the context of the foregoing

Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD, is a staff neuropsychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Bernstein has helped to develop, apply and teach a Òwhole -childÓ assessment model for the behavioral observation of children with learning and behavioral disorders. She is the co-editor of the popular book, Mind, Brain and Education in Reading Disorders.

Dr. Bernstein is a Professional Member of the NFI was a research collaborator of Dr. Heidelise Als and Dr. Gloria McAnulty in the Neurobehavioral Infant and Child Studies laboratory at Boston ChildrenÕs Hospital. She has a special interest and expertise in behavioral regulation issues and executive function and has published on learning issues of children born preterm and with intrauterine growth restriction.

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