Nursery Self-Assessment Overview

The Nursery Assessment Manual is the key instrument for a nursery’s evaluation of the quality of their developmental orientation and care implementation. The manual consists of 121 individual scales organized into four categories that characterize a nursery:

  1. Physical Environment of the Hospital and Nursery;
  2. Philosophy and Implementation of Care: Infant;
  3. Philosophy and Implementation of Care: Family; and
  4. Philosophy and Implementation of Care: Professionals and Staff.

After a nursery’s self-evaluation of its strengths and challenges, as determined by a multidisciplinary team of staff and professionals as well as parent council representatives, shared nursery goals are determined and prioritized. This is followed by the development of collaborative work groups, which will develop the resources as required to address the prioritized next steps toward further integration of NIDCAP care.

NIDCAP Trainers are available to support nurseries and mentor their staff in the use of the NIDCAP Nursery Manual and in the development of well integrated NIDCAP nursery care.

Please contact the Director of the NIDCAP Nursery Program for further information, mentorship, referrals and associated fees:

Rodd Hedlund, MEd
Program Director


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