World Prematurity Day — November 17, 2019

Celebrated internationally on November 17th, World Prematurity Day (WPD) acknowledges the journeys of preterm infants and their families as well as raises awareness of the challenges faced by children born preterm and their families. This is ever so important as the incidence of preterm birth, worldwide, is increasing rapidly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year an estimated 15 million infants worldwide are born preterm (over 3 weeks early). Sadly, the complications of preterm birth are among the leading causes of death in children under five. All infants born preterm require immediate and significant medical care posing unexpected challenges — emotional and financial — to their parents and family system.

To honor WPD 2019, the NFI invites you to participate in one or more ways. To help you plan and celebrate, we offer some opportunities below.  We also offer the following guidelines to support your planning and execution of celebratory events:

Guidelines for Respectful World Prematurity Day Celebrations

1. World Prematurity Day Information Sheet

We invite you to use this informational sheet to introduce WPD to your NICU and/or share it with your local government agencies or local media outlets to gain broader exposure for your WPD events.


 World Prematurity Day 2019 NFI Info Sheet

2. WPD NFI-EFCNI Poster Template

The NFI, as a participant in the EFCNI’s Socks for Life Campaign, has created a poster template for your use to promote any activities you plan for World Prematurity Day. You may add your own text to the poster, turn it into a PDF and email or post it wherever you wish.

WPD-NFI-EFCNI-Poster-Template-2018 sm

Other Ways You Can Raise Awareness and Support Newborns and their Families
to Receive NIDCAP in Intensive Care Nurseries Around the World

  • Please send us photos of how you, your nursery or your city/town is celebrating WPD and helping to raise awareness of the prevalence of prematurity.  We will post your images on our website. Send to:
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The NFI envisions a global society in which all hospitalized newborns and their families receive care in the evidence-based NIDCAP model. NIDCAP supports development, enhances strengths and minimizes stress for infants, family and staff who care for them. It is individualized and uses a relationship-based, family-integrated approach that yields measurable outcomes.

For more information and to view past World Prematurity Day celebrations click here.

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