Children’s Hospital in Toulouse France Celebrates 10 Years of NIDCAP

The NFI is proud to report that Children’s Hospital in Toulouse France has been using the NIDCAP approach to care for ten years.  Members of the Toulouse NIDCAP team, Isabelle Glorieux, MD, Sandra Lescure, MD, and Céline Prout, RN report that they celebrated their NIDCAP accomplishments with many activities in November 2015.

The Toulouse NIDCAP team created several different posters that explained NIDCAP, described the story of NIDCAP in Toulouse, showed the spread of NIDCAP throughout the world, and explained the development of the premature baby and newborn into childhood. They also displayed the scientific evidence of the impact of stress on the family. In addition they produced a slideshow of photographs and testimonials from parents.

For World Prematurity Day, on November 17th, the local parents’ association “SOS-Prema”, organized a meeting around the theme of NIDCAP, in the exhibition area of the hospital.

In addition, they hosted some celebratory luncheons for those who have been involved in the “birth and growth” of their NIDCAP project since its start.

The NFI congratulates them on their 10 years of NIDCAP achievements.

Click here for photos of the event…
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