Guidance Around the COVID-19 Pandemic


The NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) holds as a primary goal the support of parents as the optimal caregivers of their infant. Parent presence and active collaboration with their hospitalized infant and the health care team, enhances the infant’s neurodevelopment.1

The NFI acknowledges it is critical to continually reflect on the balance of safety and health concerns with known best practices to support optimal outcomes as communities, healthcare systems, hospital professionals, and families with hospitalized infants navigate COVID-19. The substantial benefits of parental participation in the care of their hospitalized infants, including skin-to-skin holding and breastfeeding,2-6 are increasingly considered to outweigh the potential risks of the transmission of COVID-19.

It is the NFI’s position based on the research available, that non-separation of parent-infant dyads and parents’ active participation in infant care are essential to mitigate sequelae for hospitalized infants during these critical periods of development.7-9

Board of Directors
NIDCAP Federation International
August 17, 2020

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James Helm, PhD Receives the Health Care Hero Award

James Helm, PhD, NFI Vice President of Administration, Director of the Carolina NIDCAP Training Center and Infant-Family Specialist at WakeMed, was the recipient of the Health Care Hero Awards for his outstanding work at WakeMed where he promotes the NIDCAP approach. Bryan Hamilton, publisher of Triangle Business Journal  states, “Whether serving those in need or working on breakthrough innovations in health care, these honorees are changing people’s lives. We thank each of our honorees for their years of hard work and passion to make a difference.”

The NFI congratulates Jim on his achievement.  To read more about Jim and the recognition of his work please view the articles in either the Triangle Business Journal or WakeMed Voices.

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