New NIDCAP Training Center Established in Tuebingen, Germany

“It fills me with special pride to announce the opening of the Tübingen NIDCAP Training Center, ‘NIDCAP Germany, NIDCAP Training Center Tübingen’, which occurred with a festive celebration on World Prematurity Day, 17 November 2015,” reported Heidelise Als, PhD, the center’s Senior NIDCAP Master Trainer. The NIDCAP Training Center nursery is at the Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin (University Childrens Hospital Tuebingen). The Center’s Director is Professor Christian Poets, MD PhD; the first German NIDCAP Trainer is Natalie Broghammer, RN; her colleague Birgit Holzhüter, MD who is currently in training will be the Center’s second Trainer. The nursery at the Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin is supported also by strong nurse leadership under the direction of Martina Schürg, Dipl.-Pflegewirtin (FH). There are currently five NIDCAP Professionals and four more in training.

Heidelise Als and Natalie Broghammer Tuebingen

Heidelise Als, PhD, Senior NIDCAP Master Trainer and Natalie Broghammer, RN, NIDCAP Trainer

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Christian Poets, MD, PhD, Center Director, Martina Schurg, Dipl.-Pflegewirtin (FH), Leiterin Pflegedienst, and Natalie Broghammer, RN, NIDCAP Trainer show, with pride, their center’s NFI certificates.



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