New Training Center Established in Denmark

The Danish NIDCAP Training and Research Center was established this month at the Århus Universitets Hospital, Århus, Denmark.

Dr. Agneta Kleberg, Karolinska NIDCAP Training Center, Stockholm Sweden served as NIDCAP Master Trainer and Dr. Deborah Buehler, West Coast NIDCAP and APIB Training Center at University of California San Francisco School of Medicine as the APIB Trainer.

The center’s leadership will be as follows:

Center Director and contact: Hanne Aagaard, RN, MScN, PhD
Co-Director: Eva Jörgensen, RN, NIDCAP Trainer
Medical Director: Hanne Busk Andersen, MD, PhD (APIB -Trainee)
Nursing Director: Lone Fredensborg, RN, MPM-fellow

“It is a wonderful accomplishment and will serve to further strengthen the care and wellbeing of newborns and the families in hospital settings.”
- Heidelise Als, PhD, Chair, NFI Program Committee

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