Heidelise Als, PhD receives the Serge Lebovici Award


Dr. Heidelise Als is this year’s recipient of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) Serge Lebovici Award. This award was given in recognition of her very significant contributions to the international field of infant mental health through her work with newborns, especially the assessment and treatment of premature infants and their families. The award was presented to Dr. Als at the 14th World Congress of the WAIMH in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The WAIMH writes:
“As a result of your work, you have changed the care of premature infants to respect the preterm baby’s sensitivities and to humanize the physical environment of the NICU, and, at the same time, by supporting the emotional experiences of preterm parents.”

WAIMH promotes education, research, and study of the effects of mental, emotional and social development during infancy on later normal and psychopathological development through international and interdisciplinary cooperation, publications, affiliate associations, and through regional and biennial congresses devoted to scientific, educational, and clinical work with infants and their caregivers.

Past recipients of the Serge Lebovici Award include Myriam David, Michel Soule, Daniel Stern, Charles Zeanah and
Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge.

Heidelise Als receives Serge Lebovici awardHA holding award

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