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The NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) holds as a primary goal the support of parents as the optimal caregivers of their infant. Parental presence, including skin-to-skin holding and breastfeeding, and active collaboration with their hospitalized infant and the health care team, enhances the infant’s neurodevelopment.

Despite increasingly stringent rules for access to hospitalized newborns and infants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFI recognizes that the safety and health of infants, parents and the health care team may require modification of guidelines and policies. Screening for fever and other symptoms of illness now becomes more important than ever before.

The NFI recommends that parental presence, active participation and advocacy continue to be considered a unique aspect of care that shortens the duration of hospitalization and improves other outcomes. The NFI commends the valiant efforts of health care teams around the world in their support and care to infants, their families and one another during these unprecedented times. The NFI sends support, strength and hope as we navigate this challenging pandemic crisis.

Board of Directors
NIDCAP Federation International
March 31, 2020

FB Cover Photo NFI World NIDCAP DayWorld NIDCAP Day

March 20, 2020

On March 20th, the NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) celebrated the 2nd Annual World NIDCAP Day. The celebrations will continue all month long.

How we celebrated 2nd Annual World NIDCAP Day…

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2020_WND Baby POSTER_cr3Why are we celebrating World NIDCAP Day?

Every day, the NIDCAP Federation International, its NIDCAP Training Centers, and their NIDCAP Trainers and NIDCAP Trained Professionals and Supporters strive to improve the experience of newborns and families in hospitals all over the world. World NIDCAP Day is an opportunity to recognize these efforts and build awareness of the importance of providing NIDCAP care for hospitalized infants and their families. Acknowledging our global work on the same day each year raises attention for NIDCAP and promotes opportunities for everyone to discuss NIDCAP and why it matters!

Celebrating World NIDCAP Day through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and using hashtags, can help raise awareness of NIDCAP and its possibilities.

NIDCAP recognizes families as the most important influence on the development and wellbeing of infants. For nearly four decades the NIDCAP community has partnered with families to improve newborn outcomes. By acknowledging and celebrating the incredible number of years we have been active in newborn hospital settings, we help to further promote the work, influence and place for NIDCAP within the global newborn community.


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World NIDCAP Day will be celebrated all month long…

How you can celebrate:

  • Promote NIDCAP and the World Day in your unit and hospital
  • Wear Teal
  • Have an afternoon or morning tea for your staff and families
  • Celebrate and promote what your team has achieved in the past 12 months
  • Share photos and posts on social media using #NIDCAP, #NIDCAPpartneringwithfamilies and  #worldNIDCAPday
  • Approach local news agencies for a story about NIDCAP in your unit/hospital
  • Illuminate landmarks in your area in the color Teal
  • Download promotional fact sheets, poster templates, the WND logo

World NIDCAP Day Toolkit

Information Sheet & Poster Template

World NIDCAP Day Information Sheet (Download and distribute, available in 13 languages below)

World NIDCAP Day Poster 2020

World NIDCAP Day Poster Template (Announce your own WND activities with this template)

Training Centers Map in Honor of WND

WND Logo

World NIDCAP Day Logo

Social Media Templates (Change your Facebook and/or Twitter cover photos )

Facebook Cover Photo

Twitter Cover Photo

Guidelines for Use of World NIDCAP Day Materials

  • Please feel free to use the poster template, Facebook and Twitter banners and information sheets in your hospitals, nurseries and the community to raise awareness about World NIDCAP Day.
  • We would request that you do not alter any of the images, layout and design in the templates provided.
  • Feel free to add the logos and names of individual supporters, partners and organizations to the poster template but do not remove or modify the NIDCAP Logo.
  • The World NIDCAP Day material should be used for raising awareness, for fundraising and information. Do not use the material for marketing or sales of products or services.
  • Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal data and images.  If you are sharing material or images from third parties in the WND templates or on your social media platforms, please ensure that you obtain the expressed permission from all parties to use and/share the material.

The material provided in this toolkit remains the property of the NIDCAP Federation International, Inc.


View the celebrations from WND 2019 on our gallery page:

Our Gallery:

Press Release from 2019:
The NIDCAP Federation International Launches World NIDCAP Day with Boston’s Zakim Bridge Shining Teal in its Honor

 For more information about NIDCAP and a history of the NFI click here


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