APIB Training

Training Centers

Contact one of the following Centers for APIB Training:

  • National NIDCAP Training Center
    Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    APIB Trainer: Heidelise Als, PhD, email: nidcap@childrens.harvard.edu
  • West Coast NIDCAP & APIB Training Center at University of California San Francisco School of Medicine
    San Francisco, California, USA
    APIB Trainer: Deborah Buehler, PhD, email: dmb@dmbuehler.com
  • Centro Latinoamericano NIDCAP & APIB
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    APIB Trainer: Graciela Basso, MD, PhD, email: basso.grace@gmail.com
  • Australasian NIDCAP Training Centre
    Westmead, Australia
    APIB Trainer: Joy V. Browne, PhD, PCNS-BC, IMH (IV) Clinical Mentor, email: Joy.Browne@childrenscolorado.org 


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