NIDCAP Nursery Program


Nurseries eligible to apply to the NFI for certification must:

  • Be part of a hospital system that, if in the USA, is licensed and accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or if outside of the USA, meets the respective country’s accreditation standards.
  • Provide care to preterm infants under 1500 grams and/or under 30 weeks gestation either from birth on (NICU, Level III Nursery) or in a convalescent mode (Level II Nursery; step-down nursery); and/or provide care for full-term or near full term infants who require intensive or specialized medical care to ensure their survival; and/or provide care for newborns cared for in a hospital setting for various reasons.
  • Employ at least one full-time equivalent (FTE) NFI-certified NIDCAP Professional in good standing (certified or recertified since 1996, inclusive of the Advanced Practicum certification requirement) for the purpose of promoting individualized developmental care. Hospitals with multiple nursery settings may apply for certification for only one or for more than one of their nursery settings. Hospitals are encouraged to apply ultimately for certification for all the nurseries settings in their purview.

For further information on the NIDCAP Nursery Program, click on How to Apply and/or contact:

Rodd E. Hedlund, MEd
Director, NIDCAP Nursery Program
NIDCAP Federation International
2032 Quail Creek Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66047

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