NIDCAP Nursery Program

How to Apply

The NIDCAP Nursery application and review process consists of the following six steps (see also the Application and Review Process Flow Charts):

  1. The Nursery Applicant determines its eligibility using the NIDCAP Nursery Program: A Guide to Preparation, Application and Implementation of NIDCAP Nursery Certification.
  2. If eligible, complete and submit NIDCAP Nursery Application: Part I;
  3. When Part I is approved by the NIDCAP Nursery Program Director, the Nursery Applicant completes/scores and submits the following:
    1. NIDCAP Nursery Application: Part II, Nursery Self-Assessment Questionnaire
    2. Nursery Assessment Manual: Using a 5-point rating system, the Nursery Applicant rates its level of individualization, family-centeredness, and developmental support of its infants and families on 122 different scales.
    3. NIDCAP Nursery Program: Provision of Evidence
      This offers the Nursery Applicant the opportunity to provide specific information and documentation that corroborates the nursery’s self-assessment.
  4. Once the NIDCAP Nursery Application: Part II, the Nursery Assessment Manual, and the Nursery Assessment Manual: Provision of Evidence are reviewed and deemed complete by the Site Review Team, a  two to three day Site Review is scheduled (length of visit dependent upon nursery size/complexity).  (see Preparation for NIDCAP Nursery Site Review);
  5. The Site Review: Site Reviewers will observe the overall, as well as, specific aspects of the nursery environment and will meet with: the hospital and nursery administrative leadership; representatives from across and within disciplines; and parents and other family members of infants currently cared for in the nursery.
  6. The Site Review Team prepares the Summary Report and Recommendations to be shared with the NIDCAP Nursery Program Steering Committee and subsequently the NFI Board of Directors. The Nursery Applicant receives the Review Team’s Summary Report and the NFI Board’s decision regarding certification.

Please see NIDCAP Nursery Program: A Guide to Preparation, Application and Implementation of NIDCAP Nursery Certification, for a complete description of the NIDCAP Nursery application and review process.

To apply for NIDCAP Nursery Certification or for further information on the Program, please contact:

Rodd E. Hedlund, MEd
Director, NIDCAP Nursery Program
NIDCAP Federation International
2032 Quail Creek Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66047

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