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How the NIDCAP Nursery Certification Program changed the
Jeannette and Ron Doggett Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Since launching the NNCP process the NICU professionals and staff are most proud of…

    Initiating more than 12 changes in practice during the time between our first application and certification.

  • The most significant change in the nursery as a result of participating in the NIDCAP Nursery Certification process…

    All the changes initiated helped change the identity of the unit – the NICU always identified itself as a developmentally supportive unit but now there is pride is saying “we’re a NIDCAP nursery”  so there is a change in attitude and pride.

  • How the families and their infants have benefited from the nursery’s growth as a result of the NIDCAP Nursery Certification…

    Discussions with families about how to best support each baby’s experience in the nursery are more standard and occur earlier, and more often. The NNCP process led to changes that affect the daily experiences for families and babies and these changes have persisted and continue to evolve in positive directions.

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