NIDCAP Training has taught me not only to interpret the meaning of the baby’s behavior, but to consider carefully the behavior of the adults involved, and how I can use that information to help facilitate an environment conducive to the baby’s and family’s growth.

Jean Powlesland, RN, MS
NIDCAP Trainer

Developmental Observer, Vol. 2, No. 1

NIDCAP Training


Becoming a NIDCAP Certified Professional

Application Process

A nursery’s leadership team contacts a NIDCAP Training Center with a preliminary letter of intent describing the nursery and the goals of the training. Upon request from the Training Center, the applicant nursery submits a site assessment, a financial plan and a training time line as well as the self assessments of the intended trainees jointly agreed upon by the applicant and the training center.

Individual Requirements

Persons eligible for NIDCAP Training are professionals, who are associated with or on staff of a Newborn Intensive Care and/or Special Care Nursery, are approved for training by the applicant nursery, and are supported in their training to become active facilitators of the implementation of individualized developmentally supportive and family centered care in the respective setting.

Training Process

All NIDCAP training sessions, consultation, and education are conducted at the applicant nursery site. It would represent a rare exception when training might be conducted at the trainer’s site.

For further detail see Program Guide and Quality Assurance of Training Policy #1.

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