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The NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) holds as a primary goal the support of parents as the optimal caregivers of their infant. Parental presence, including skin-to-skin holding and breastfeeding, and active collaboration with their hospitalized infant and the health care team, enhances the infant’s neurodevelopment.

Despite increasingly stringent rules for access to hospitalized newborns and infants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFI recognizes that the safety and health of infants, parents and the health care team may require modification of guidelines and policies. Screening for fever and other symptoms of illness now becomes more important than ever before.

The NFI recommends that parental presence, active participation and advocacy continue to be considered a unique aspect of care that shortens the duration of hospitalization and improves other outcomes. The NFI commends the valiant efforts of health care teams around the world in their support and care to infants, their families and one another during these unprecedented times. The NFI sends support, strength and hope as we navigate this challenging pandemic crisis.

Board of Directors
NIDCAP Federation International
March 31, 2020

NIDCAP Training

Trainers Meeting

Through state of the art presentations, integrative workshops and reflective processing sessions, the Annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting is designed to educate, support and inspire NIDCAP and APIB Trainers as well as members of the NFI.

The Trainers Meeting is by invitation only.

edmonton imageThe 28th Annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting

October 21-24, 2017

Chateau Lacombe
10111 Bellamy Hill Rd NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1N7

Hosted by the Edmonton NIDCAP Training Centre
at Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Meeting Invitation and Registration

Full Conference Invitation Package 28th Annual NIDCAP Trainers Mtg (Invitation sent 11 May 2017)
Registration and Payment Form — Registration closed 
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Final Program — 28th Annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting (Updated 9 October 2017)

Handouts are available for the following sessions:

Note: Please print and bring along if you wish to have a hard copy version of them.

Pre-Meeting Event, Thursday, 19 Oct 2017, 0800

Dr. Heidelise Als presents the David Schiff Memorial Lecture at the University of Alberta:

NIDCAP — Promise to Protect the Preterm Brain

Saturday, 21 Oct 2017, 1330

0915 Behavioral Phenotype of Prematurity - P. Church

1000 Family Presentation: Adolescent Challenges Beyond the Newborn Intensive Care Unit — A. Thomson
Andrew Thomson — How Can 1 Person Make A Difference

1330 Leadership is INFLUENCE: NIDCAP and the Science of Change - J. Van Aerde

John Van Aerde Bio
Workshop Summary

Sunday, 22 Oct 2017, 0800

0800 Nurturing the Trainer — Joy Browne, Facilitator

Session Objectives (This will be provided in the meeting binder)

0915 Infant Mental Health in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit - B. Lorrain

1105 NFI Membership Meeting

Committee Reports:

October 2017 President’s Report

NFI Governance Committee Report — October 22-2017

NFI Finance Report FY16-17 October 2017

NFI Program Committee Report Oct 2017

NFI Advancement Committee Report Oct 2017

Monday, 23 Oct 2017

0830 Neurodevelopmental Care Policies, Practices and Outcomes in France:
The Epipage-2 Cohort Study - V. Pierrat

0915 Navigating the System after Discharge from the NICU:
A Family’s Perspective - S. Haszard & D. Coulton

Multidisciplinary Panel Presentation: NIDCAP and the Surgical NICU

1045  The Brain Protection Team, Edmonton - K. Johnson, C. Joynt

1100  NICU Life: Normalizing the Abnormal (Family Presentation)B. Thomas

General Session

1330  Insights from the Beating Heart: Heart Rate Variability and Skin to Skin Care - R. Joshi


1415  Implementing Skin-to-Skin Care and Alternative Touch Methods in a Surgical Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit
 - V. Levesque

1430  POETri – Positive Oral Experiences Training: A Quality improvement Project to Foster
Oral Skill Development in Preterm Infants
 - M. Hicks

1445  Neurobehavioural Disorganisation as a Result of Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography
in Extremely Preterm Infants—a Pilot Study
 - J. Tyebkhan

1500  The EDIN Pain Scale Administered by the Mother in the NICU. Validation of a New Pain
Assessment Model
 - N. Simeone

1545  Comparison of Established Neurobehavioral Profiles for Healthy Infants to
Preterm NICU Infants
 - D. Vittner

1600  Impact of a New Model Round with Parental Presence on Family and Professionals - M. Maestro

1615  Free Parking for Parents of Infants in the NICU - R. Yuen

1630  Implementation of a NICU Family Mentor Program - C. Oswald & S. Topilko

1645  Newborn Bridge Clinic to Support Infant Transition Home - g. Lawhon

1700  Support for Parents of Preterm Infants Post-NICU Discharge - J. Toye

1715  From TIMP to Toddler: Developmental Care from NICU to Home - A. Massey

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017

0800  How to Read a Meta-Analysis — M. Kumar
Handout 1 & Handout 2

1000  NIDCAP Nursery Self-Assessment: The Key Tool for NIDCAP Trainers

Abstracts continued

1100  An Enhanced Dynamic and Interactive Mentored Educational Program to
Teach NIDCAP Principles in the Critical Care Setting
 - K. Frankel

1115  Implementing a Foundational Neuro-Developmental Education Program:
One Centre’s Experience
 - N. Griffiths

1130  The Effect of a Sleep Care Education Program on the Nurses’ Knowledge and
Practice in Newborn Intensive Care Nursery (NICN)
 - M. Hasanpour

1145  NICU Baby Love Letters - J. Bowen

1200  Advanced Practicum Experience: A Bitter Sweet Symphony - K. James Nunez


The following publication will be addressed during the meeting:

2017 — NeoReviews — Sheldon — Neonatologists Journey toward NIDCAP

To access materials (e.g. presentation handouts) from the 27th Annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting, please click here.

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