Change is never easy. In the fast paced world of the complex medical, technological, multifaceted environment of the NICU, the process of change presents many challenges. Providing relationship based developmentally supportive care in the NICU is, of necessity, an evolving process.

Rodd Hedlund, MEd,
NIDCAP Trainer

Developmental Observer, Vol. 2, No. 1

NIDCAP Training


The Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program

Advances in perinatal and newborn intensive care have greatly decreased the mortality rates for preterm newborns and newborns otherwise at high risk for developmental compromise. The challenge confronting healthcare professionals, who care for these infants and their families, is not only to assure the infants’ survival, but to optimize their developmental course and outcome.

Effective developmental care implementation on a nursery-wide basis is the goal of all training and consultation provided in the NIDCAP framework. A key focus of the NIDCAP program is the educational and consultative support and assistance to NICU and special care nursery settings towards effective delivery of intensive and special care in a neurodevelopmentally supportive, individualized, and family-centered framework.

Based on extensive experience, moving towards successful delivery of newborn intensive care in a developmental framework is typically a multi-year process. It involves a dedicated team working towards the common goal of providing the best in developmental care for the infants in their units and for their families.

Please see the Program Guide for a full description of NIDCAP Training.

Training is currently available from twenty-four NIDCAP training centers, seven in the United States, one in Canada, one in South America, thirteen in Europe, one in the Middle East, and one in Australia. The Training Center Directory and the Training Centers page offer contacts for those who wish to discuss details about the NIDCAP program. Please contact the training center nearest to you.

For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions about NIDCAP or Frequently Asked Questions about APIB

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