Sensei LMS enables teachers to manually grade a lesson. To access this area, go to Sensei LMS > Grading.

By default, the Grading page lists all of the ungraded quizzes that have been submitted for manual grading. The following columns are displayed:


Filter the Quizzes

The table can be filtered to only show quizzes for a particular lesson by selecting a course and then a lesson from the drop-downs. To remove lesson filtering, click the Reset filter button.

The view can also be changed such that all quizzes are displayed, or only those that are ungraded, graded, or in progress:

Grading - Filtered

To show quizzes for a specific learner, enter the learner into the search box and click the Search Users button. To display all learners again, clear the search box and submit an empty search:

Grading - Search by learner

Grade a Quiz

To grade a quiz, locate the quiz in the table and click the Grade quiz button. If the quiz has already been graded, the button will be named Review grade instead:

Grading - Grade quiz

Any questions that were auto-graded at the time the quiz was submitted will already be marked. The remaining questions can be manually graded by clicking the checkmark or X icons.

For each question, you can also:

When a learner views their graded quiz, they will see which questions they got right, as well as their grade for each question and their total grade for the entire quiz. They will also be able to see any grading notes that were entered by the teacher:

Graded quiz