Persons eligible to apply for APIB Training are professionals who are associated with or on staff of a Newborn Intensive Care, Special Care Nursery, Well Infant Nursery, and/or Infant Follow-Up Clinics, (including but not limited to psychologists, neonatologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, advanced degree nurse clinicians and physical, occupational, and speech/language therapists and well as infant or developmental specialists) and have support for their training to enhance their skills as consultants, clinicians, researchers, or active facilitators of the implementation of individualized developmentally supportive and family centered care in the respective setting.

It is strongly recommended that trainees be certified in BNBAS and/or the Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP).

A typical training timeline lasts two years and consists of a combination of on-site APIB Trainer guided sessions and independent self-study as follows: On-site Demonstration Session (2.5 days); Independent Self-Preparation and Practice – Phase 1 (examination and scoring of 12-15 infants; off-site review of scoring by APIB Trainer); On-site Work Session (2.5 days); Independent Self-Preparation and Practice – Phase 2 (examination and scoring of additional 12-15 infants; off-site review of scoring  by APIB Trainer); and On-site Reliability Days (2.5 days). Certification confirms that the APIB trainee has completed the required preparation and training components to a level judged to be of sufficient quality by the APIB Trainer. For a detailed description of the training process and requirements for certification please see NFI Quality Assurance of Training #002: APIB Professional.