Thank you to all current and past sponsors.

The NFI is grateful for the support of our sponsors, who are committed to helping improve the futures of newborns and families everywhere. With the help of our sponsors, the NFI continues to fulfill Our Mission to promote the advancement of the philosophy and science of NIDCAP care which in turn helps us to realize Our Vision of a global society in which all hospitalized newborns and their families receive care in the evidence-based NIDCAP model.

Dandle•LION Medical, the leader in neurodevelopmental care products, has an amazing portfolio of education tools to support clinical education and practice. Dandle•LION provides the training, tools, support and products hospitals needs to provide optimal neurodevelopmental support for babies.

WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes, made with just 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. WaterWipes have been specifically developed to be purer than cotton cloth and water, while offering the convenience of a wipe. WaterWipes provide safe cleansing for the most delicate newborn skin and can be used on all babies including preterm babies.

Sentec offers continuous, accurate, noninvasive ventilation monitoring that helps clinicians care with confidence – even for the most delicate patients. Sentec transcutaneous technology overcomes limits of previous devices to offer safe, comfortable respiratory monitoring with accurate CO2 values regardless of ventilation method or V/Q mismatch, all while supporting neuroprotective efforts to deliver clustered care, protect skin integrity, and reduce the frequency of painful blood draws in preterm infants.

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