Education, training, consultation and certification for intensive and special care nurseries’ support of newborns and infants and their families

Our programs support the knowledge and understanding of the

  • Development of infants, parents and families
  • Interplay of the infants’ medical issues with the developmental process
  • Skill and sensitivity required in supporting and nurturing infants and their families
  • Multi‐disciplinary appreciation and collaboration in developmental care implementation
  • Complexities and opportunities within hospital and the nursery systems
  • Commitment of healthcare professionals’ own personal growth, self‐knowledge and emotional maturity

Effective developmental care implementation on a nursery‐wide basis is the goal of all NIDCAP education

All training is embedded in consultation to the NICU regarding environment, developmental team building, developmental care implementation and family inclusion

The process to become a certified NIDCAP Professional includes:

  • Readings
  • Presentations
  • In-depth observation training
  • Developmental care planning and implementation
  • Individual and system guidance and consultation
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The APIB is instrument for neurodevelopmental diagnosis and a valuable resource in support of developmental care provision by professionals and families

The process to become a certified APIB Professional includes:

  • NIDCAP Professional Certification (recommended prior to APIB training)
  • Readings
  • Observation and competence in handling preterm, at‐risk, and healthy newborn infants
  • Assessment training (including administration and scoring)
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Dynamic environments for the full integration of expert medical and nursing care securely embedded within the active pursuit of mutual respect, caring, nurturance of and collaboration with infants and families, and among all professionals and staff members

Both a goal and a process

The process of becoming a Certified NIDCAP Nursery includes:

  • Nursery self-assessment and reflection (of current strengths as well as areas for future growth)
  • Interdisciplinary goal setting and planning
  • Introductory education
  • NIDCAP and APIB training for core teams
  • Nursery assessment review
  • Continued mentorship for self-assessment, reflection, education and training
  • Submission of NIDCAP Nursery materials
  • NFI site visit
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