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The NFI provides endorsement for continuing education programs for health professionals as well as for conferences, master classes, books, and certain products that meet the NFI’s philosophy and goals, and support its mission.

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(The NIDCAP Professional) allowed me as a mom to feel competent and confident in developing a relationship with my son who was two pounds and hooked up to more tubes and wires than you could imagine
-Renee Lukie, mother of an infant born at 24 weeks gestational age
(From Developmental Observer Vol.10, No.2)

The NIDCAP care Caleb received really made a difference. I feel like Caleb and I have a different “bond” than usual…it’s kind of funny…he likes to hold onto my fingers when he is eating, and my holding him on my chest still soothes him just like it did with Kangaroo Care in the nursery.
-Parent from a nursery offering NIDCAP
(From Developmental Observer Vol.2, No.1)

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