The Family Advisory Council seeks to:

  • Build international alliances and support the growth of the NFI
  • Build relationships with parent organizations that support families in newborn intensive care and special care nurseries and advise on ways to integrate NIDCAP into hospital settings for newborns and their families
  • Advise on expansions and advancements for NIDCAP’s model of care, its reach, education and training

The Council includes NFI Board appointed individuals who have had a prematurely born or ill newborn in their family (i.e. child, grandchild) and individuals who represent parent organizations around the world

The Council is overseen by the NFI Advancement Committee

The Co-Chairs act as liaisons between the Council and the Advancement Committee

2021 Family Advisory Council

Mandy Daly

Samantha Butler

Jennifer Degl

Deb Discenza

Yamile Jackson

Livia Nagy Bonnard

Nina Nikolova

Marni Panas

Debra Paul

Asta Radzeviciene

Keira Levit Sorrells

Lelis Vernon

  • Foster partnerships between the NFI and families, parent organizations and NICUs around the world
  • Connect with other newborn industry partners, political decision makers, and educators around the world
  • Support the NFI’s growth (e.g. membership, outreach)
  • Serve as NFI ambassadors
  • Campaign for the introduction of NIDCAP care in all newborn intensive and special care settings
  • Introduce and disseminate NIDCAP information and educational materials around the world
  • Develop, introduce and disseminate NIDCAP family educational material

Contact the Family Advisory Council Co-Chairs for more information:

Mandy Daly,
Samantha Butler,