Through state of the art presentations, integrative workshops and reflective processing sessions, the Annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting is designed to educate, support and inspire NIDCAP and APIB Trainers, Training Center Directors and their supporters.  (The NIDCAP Trainers Meeting is by invitation only.)

Trainers Meeting
  • The NFI offers educational opportunities through in-person and virtual conferences. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are offered for various disciplines.
  • The purpose of these conferences is to equip the learner with the knowledge to provide high level and evidence-based, developmentally supportive care to infants and families in Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU).
  • Target Audience: Nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, and early intervention developmental specialists

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Frequently Asked Questions cover a range of topics pertaining to NIDCAP, APIB and the NIDCAP Nursery Program.

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