The ultimate goal of all NIDCAP training
is the full integration of the NIDCAP model of care
into all aspects of the Nursery.

This is typically a multi-year process and
involves a dedicated team working towards the common goal of
providing the best developmental care for infants and their families.

Here is how to get started:

  • Associated with, or on staff of, a Newborn/Infant Intensive Care and/or Special Care Nursery
  • Approved for training by the applicant nursery
  • Supported to become active facilitators of NIDCAP implementation in their setting 
  1. Your nursery’s leadership team contacts a NIDCAP Training Center with a letter describing your nursery and training goals
    Training Center Directory
  2. Upon request from the NIDCAP Training Center, submit:
  3. NIDCAP Professional-in-Training Self-Assessment for each professional beginning training
  • Reflection and assessment of nursery opportunities
  • Foundation for NIDCAP training, nursery consultation and guidance
  • Joint timeline development with their NIDCAP Trainer

All onsite consultation and education are held at the applicants’ hospital.

Program Guide Quality Assurance of Training Policy #1 Frequently Asked Questions