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You stay connected and supported
You stay informed and up to date
You become more influential
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You help to improve care for infants
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The NFI offers several membership opportunities…

Membership Categories

  • Professional (Reduced rate available Retired Professionals)
  • Professional-in-Training (Professionals pursuing NIDCAP/APIB certification)
  • Family
  • Allied

Annual Membership Rates

Professional: 125.00 USD (Retired Professionals: 50.00 USD)
Professional-in-Training: 50.00 USD
Family: 50.00 USD
Allied: 50.00 USD

Once your application is approved, you will receive notification and an invoice for your dues.

For details about eligibility, application process and benefits find your membership type below:

Find Your Membership Type


All certified NIDCAP Professionals. Other persons supportive of the NFI mission and objectives, who are closely associated with NIDCAP work. A reduced fee is available for Retired Professional Members. Full Details ⇒


Any individual who is currently pursuing NIDCAP or APIB certification. Full Details ⇒


Any parent or extended family member who supports the mission and goals of the NFI and whose infant is currently, or was previously, cared for in a newborn intensive or special care nursery. Any individual who was once cared for in a newborn intensive or special care nursery. Full Details ⇒


Any individual interested in the Mission, Vision and Goals of the NFI. Those currently working in NIDCAP-related positions are eligible to apply for Professional and Family Memberships.

Full Details ⇒

As a membership organization, the NFI depends on the support of its members to ensure sustainability