Be part of a global and multicultural initiative to advance the care of preterm and ill infants and their families

Professional Membership is open to:

  • Any individual who is currently working toward NIDCAP or APIB certification.

All Professional-in-Training applicants are reviewed by the NFI Membership Committee prior to acceptance as a member of the organization.

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Stay connected and supported

  • Automatic membership in the NFI Google listserv where NFI Members share information, network and seek advice and consultation
  • Be part of a community of 200 professionals, many of them leaders in their field
  • Expand and deepen your professional relationships
  • Enjoy mentoring opportunities

Stay informed and up to date

  • Exclusive access to all NIDCAP training
  • Exclusive access to educational materials (videos, readings)
  • Exclusive access to NFI policies
  • Exclusive access to NFI Board and Committee Meeting minutes
  • Enjoy discounted rates to NFI webinars
  • Attend the Annual NFI Membership Meeting
  • Attend the annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting for state of the art research and evidence-based presentations in NIDCAP-based care (NIDCAP Trainers and others on invitation)
  • Early access to the Developmental Observer (DO) before it is released to the public. The DO is the semi-annual official newsletter of the NFI, which contains research, projects and experiences related to the NIDCAP work, updates on recent publications, and so much more. The DO is archived at Indiana University ScholarWorks
  • Receive regular summaries of current research through the NFI initiative R3:  Research, Read & Review
  • Receive monthly updates from the NFI President

Become more influential

  • Attend and participate in the Annual Membership Meeting
  • May serve on NFI committees and work groups
  • Publish your projects and initiatives in the Developmental Observer

Continue to grow professionally

  • Broaden your resume and skills by participating in initiatives that span various and different areas of professional development (education, training, fundraising, committee work, mentoring, governance, family support)
  • Be part of a global and multicultural initiative to advance the care of preterm and ill infants
  • Share your work by presenting at the annual NIDCAP Trainers Meeting, and have your abstract published in the Developmental Observer
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50.00 USD

Become a Member

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I was born three months premature. I was one of the babies studied in the pilot program for NIDCAP. I am now 19 years old and a college sophomore studying journalism with a minor in foreign languages…I write to you in hopes that you…realize that I am another baby, turned young woman that you helped. I do not know where I would be without NIDCAP and hope that it continues to flourish.

– K. A.