Focus on the Brain: Part 1: The Science of Preterm Infant Development

An educational series presenting an overview of science and research illuminating the process of fetal and neonatal development. With animations and commentary from leading experts in the field, The Science of Preterm Infant Development conveys what is known about the impact of early birth on the brain. The program also presents clear evidence about interventions that support the best possible brain growth and development in preterm infants.

The program is specifically tailored to meet educational needs for caregivers who work with preterm infants and their families in hospital settings. The material is presented in five chapters:

Chapter 1: The Overlooked Organ
Chapter 2: Fetal and Neonatal Brain Basics
Chapter 3: How Relationships and Environment Shape the Brain
Chapter 4: The Sequence of Sensory Development
Chapter 5: The Role of Sleep in Preterm Brain Health