Focus on the Brain: Part 2: Clinical Practices for Special Care Nurseries

An educational series presenting an overview of recent science and research illuminating the process of fetal and neonatal development. Building on the contents presented in Part 1 of Focus on the Brain series, Part 2 provides an overview of intensive care practices known to improve developmental outcomes for preterm babies and their families, both during their stay in the NICU and well into childhood and beyond.

The program is specifically tailored to meet continuing education needs for caregivers who work with preterm infants and their families in hospital settings. The material is presented in four chapters:

Chapter 1: Observing Infant Behavior
(Overview of the behavioral language of preterm infants, and the information it provides caregivers about the infant’s strengths and vulnerabilities)

Chapter 2: Brain Sensitive Care
(Overview of the attributes of sensitive and supportive care)

Chapter 3: Parents as Parents
(Explores the fundamental role of parents in the provision of individualized and nurturing developmental care to their preterm infant)

Chapter 4: Environments for Brain Building
(Overview of the attributes of hospitalization environments that are supportive for brain growth and development)