Heidelise Als, PhD

August 19, 2022

Dear Members and Supporters of the NFI Family,

With deepest sadness, I am writing to share the news that Heidelise Als (Heidi) died last evening in Vermont. Her death was sudden. More information to follow.

Heidi was an extraordinarily keen observer with exquisite skill in articulating complex concepts into theory and practice. From sitting beside incubators in the middle of the night, Heidi understood that early born babies communicated and that it mattered… that families of fragile babies deserved to be nurtured in their parenting roles… that healthcare professionals deserved to be supported in their roles fostering healthy development and relationships… and that our NIDCAP community must change healthcare to be increasingly responsive to meet these ideas… and be supported too.

Heidi cherished relationships, from the smallest infants with their families to the creation of a worldwide network of healthcare professionals and supporters. Heidi touched our hearts and our imaginations.

As we reflect on what she has meant to each of us… please know that while our collective hearts may be heavy, we will become ever more resolved to “Be the Voice” of Infants and their Families in hospitals all around the world.

Yours in profound sadness,


Deborah Buehler, PhD

President, NIDCAP Federation International

Heidi’s Obituary