Virtual Benefit Gala
Building awareness and raising funds
to develop more educational resources for families and professionals

Gala Mission: Introduce many new people to NIDCAP, the NFI, and the critically important work that we do and in the process inspire NFI membership growth.

Fundraising Goal: To raise $60,000 to build our collection of educational resources for families and professionals (produce webinars, podcasts; translate training materials, digitize training tools).

In the 20 days leading up to the Gala our NIDCAP Training Centers are in a friendly competition, each challenged to raise $2020.

You can help one or more of these centers reach the goal:

  • Buy a Ticket to Attend the Benefit Gala
  • Invite others to Buy Tickets to the Benefit Gala
  • Purchase Raffle Tickets
  • Become an Allied or Family Member
  • Donate to the NFI
  • Choose which center location to attribute your donation to so that your center gets credit for raising funds

And challenge yourself to find 20 people to donate to the NFI in one of the ways listed above between March 1-20.

Visit our Gala Event Page today to access ticket, raffle, membership and other information.

Visit our Gala Event Page Today!

The Event page is where our Virtual Benefit Gala will air on March 20th at 8:00 PM (all time zones)

AND… from now until the event, please visit the Event Page to:

  • Purchase a Ticket to the Gala
  • Purchase Raffle Ticket(s)
  • Become an Allied Member or Family Member
  • Donate to NFI
  • Use the social media icons at the top of the event page to share the page on your own social media pages
  • Read descriptions of all the amazing raffle prizes, including a “Conversation with Dr. Heidelise Als” the originator of NIDCAP and founder of the NFI.
  • Watch “One Family’s Story”

Toolkit Specific to NFI 20th Anniversary – WND 2022 Benefit Gala

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NFI 20th Anniversary - WND 2022 Gala Logo #1

NFI 20th Anniversary - WND 2022 Gala Logo #2

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Facebook Images & Text to Share

Facebook Image #1

Sample Facebook Text #1
(Cut and Paste into your Facebook post)

In honor of World NIDCAP Day and the NFI’s 20th Anniversary we are helping to raise awareness for the NIDCAP Federation International.  Support us by attending the World NIDCAP Day Gala on March 20th, buy raffle tickets, become a member.  Do it all from our Event Page: Be sure to attribute your support to our Training Center [add your center name location].  Thank you!  Together we can improve the futures for premature and ill infants and families in hospital settings around the world.

Facebook Image #2

Sample Facebook Text #2
(Cut and Paste into your Facebook post)

The NIDCAP Federation International invites you to a Benefit Gala on World NIDCAP Day, 20 March 2022, in support of our work with preterm and other high risk newborns and their families. Attend our Gala and hear stories from our families and our NIDCAP Professionals about NIDCAP Care around the world. Visit our Event Page for details:

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NIDCAP recognizes families as the most important influence on
the development and wellbeing of infants